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Modinobili is an interior design company that specializes in furniture products and business consulting services for architecture and design studios. We afford our customers access to the most prestigious brands in the interior design, housing automation and home entrainment system industries.

For over fifty years, Modinobili has represented the best marques in Italian design, selecting unique and contemporary pieces of art and sculpture; timeless works that together constitute an ideal gallery of contemporary Italian design.

how we work

How was Modinobili born?

We started in 1968 when my father Rocco opened the first showroom in Via Cola Di Rienzo. In less than two years the exhibition space increased by 5 times up about 1000sqm developed on two floors. Immediately my father understood the importance of offering a tailor-made service capable of pampering customers and proactively offering innovative, but always functional and rational solutions. We immediately adopted a 360° approach: customer spaces organization and optimization consultancy, furnishing and design complements, planning services and through the executive phase: sales, assembly, after sales assistance. Since 1980 we have also begun to provide a specific art advisory services for collectors who want to enhance and grow their collections.

Word of mouth has begun to bear fruit, and given my father's international vocation, we have opened offices in Ryad Saudi Arabia, turning to clients capable of requiring the best from a technical and stylistic point of view. That was the qualitative leap that led us to make ourselves known internationally as “Italian style evangelists” in the world. We therefore became the first sales point in Europe in terms of turnover / square meters, regarding the brands that we managed. At that point we found ourselves at a crossroads: continuing to have a shop on street covering every possible request, or starting to focus on the high end of customers (national and international) managing great works and big projects.

We chose the second one, since from a careful analysis we realized that the typical customer did not come from the showcase, but from contacts already acquired and from word of mouth. Our way of work has evolved, we began collaborating with international design studios, attending exhibitions and fairs throughout the globe, we could not be bound by the store's schedules. This is where ModiNobili was born. My professional figure changed from "luxury furniture salesman" to consultant. Furthermore, the client did not consider me "a salesman" as it happens in the store. Indeed sometimes it happened someone asked me the hourly rate for consulting ...

Today we no longer have stores on the road but we manage our atelier in Via Reno of over 430 square meters in the Parioli / Coppedè area, one of the largest at international level.

Which customers is ModiNobili aimed at?

"Everyone can buy luxury, but the style is another game".

This was my father’s “motto”. He repeated and keeps repeating to me like a mantra. Obviously we addressed to a high-end customer base. Italian customer’s desires their investment on restructuring be set up in the long term, in fact, in Italy and in Europe the house normally keeps for years and is handed down. In the United States and in Russia there is another vision: the house is seen as a status to be shown and to be talked about: the investment lasts a few years and then the house is sold with all the furnishings often justifying an higher economic request. Very often we perform as evangelization of style, going to explain not only the aesthetic value of the furnishings, art or complements, but above all describing meticulously the history and the degree of finish of each proposal. The customer approaches us understanding we are not a source of expenditure but a source of an investment: we manage the budget in this perspective.. Many of my clients, normally entrepreneurs or high managers told me: “Thanks to the renovation of the house we gained millionaire contracts”.
They organize a party, their guests are struck by the style surrounding them and this creates a desire of emulation, trust and respect towards the home owner.
I do repeat: luxury is accessible to all, but style is a characteristic for the few that can attract great benefits from it.

Which are the project phases? How are they managed?


1. First phase: the briefieng.
We use a questionnaire or an interview. We ask our customers all their needs, habits, tastes and above all the desired. It is important to differentiate the proposals to always create a unique and tailor-made project. The customer perceives the uniqueness of the proposal. Le Corbusier said: "to design a house well, you should sleep with your client for at least 6 months".
We ask the customer to send us newspaper clippings, parts of magazines, both online and printed images, everything necessary to outline the project direction, many use Pinterest which I must say is very useful for this purpose. Then we create a moodboard of images aligning ourselves with the customer's thoughts. We hang it in our studio when we are designing, like a boxer sticking his opponent photo on the bathroom mirror while training for the title.

2. Second phase: first proposal.
A plan is drawn up with a couple of proposals. With images of reference and inspiration.

3. Third phase: drafting of the final proposal.
Once the way to follow is identified, a definitive plan is created with the various sections. To identify also a direction of style and decoration, the work is added with environment renders and materials.

4. Fourth phase: construction documents elaboration.
We prepare the drawings to be given to the various laborers and suppliers. In this way it begins to outline the cost of the intervention. Normally the customer always provides us with a reference budget. In this way we can calibrate the project proposal.

5. Fifth phase: construction supervision.
Demolitions are starting and verifying that the project carried out is really feasible. During the duration of the work we follow the execution on site. We can also follow all the paperwork.

6. Sixth phase: the furniture and goods delivery starts when the construction site is ended.
The various supplies delivery are organized by internal logistics (custom-made and standard furniture, upholstery, curtains, metal structures, etc.)

/. Last phase: after-sales assistance.

Why should a customer choose Mobinobili?

Often, at the end of the project, we ask customers why they chose us. The answers are many:

  • - The possibility of having a single interlocutor. Taking care of both the project and the commercial part. All this translates into an obvious economic advantage.
  • - There is no all-rounder with us. We have a team of specialists from every stage. The various project managers then report to the main project contact.
  • - Freedom of thought: we are not tied to any supplier. This helps us in the differentiation of project proposals and in achieving greater convenience for the end customer.
  • - Our unmistakable style: Taking inspiration from art to build around the decorative project and not to insert art as a complement.
  • - Experience and efficiency. We have been on the market since 1968, we have seen so many, solved even more.
  • - Finally, mental openness and international connotation. We carry out our services worldwide.


At Modinobili we accompany our guests from the moment of first contact up until the realization of their complete esthetic-functional satisfaction.

Modinobili offers 360-degree interior design services that include:

  • - The design phase
  • - Project implementation
  • - Artistic and design consultancy
  • - Logistics, assembly and after-sales service.

Modinobili's interior designs are distinguished by their attention to detail and respect for high quality material standards.

Our inspiration, competence and experience are added values to every project, where each accessory is conceived as a unique piece of customized craftsmanship, that goes to complete the reference environment.
Modinobili's interior design services include a wider range of artistic consultancy services for the purchase of ancient, modern and contemporary works of art.

Some of our services include:

Modinobili offers architectural design services for both private and public clients, giving concrete form to the client's request, beginning with the design concept, up to the complete realization of the interior.

Modinobili offers professional support to external architectural firms by offering technical and commercial support for all phases of a project.

Between art, design and antiques, Modinobili creates private and public settings with intense atmospheres, taking inspiration from new interior design trends, and from the classic traditions of Italian furnishing.

Thanks to its carpentry, woodworking and upholstery departments, Modinobili completes the detailing of each project by creating custom-made, original furnishings that are suitable for every need.

A lot of attention is paid by Modinobili to its textile furnishing range.
By constantly adapting to new technologies in textile design and the stylistic trends of the moment, the company offers original and decorative solutions with a strong aesthetic impact.
Our study of color combinations and textures is combined with our search for high performance, easy-to-use products/textiles.

Lighting design is a fundamental aspect in the development of private and public environments, both for renovations and new constructions.
Artificial lighting not only has the important task of underlining and emphasizing architecture by giving character to the environment, but also, and above all, has the role of creating a suitable and harmonious habitat for each individual customer need.
Modinobili Lighting Design researches and studies effective tools to ensure that the lighting in both residential and professional spaces are not merely decorative, but also functional, in order to satisfy the daily needs of the home.

Modinobili's architects and designers work in collaboration with a team of art historians and critics to identify works of art that are suitable for residential settings, with the aim of enhancing the uniqueness and exclusivity of the designed spaces. Our offering therefore includes the works of some of the most representative artists on the Italian art scene from the 1950s to the 1980s (Forma 1, Abstract Art, Kinetic and Programmed Art, Transavanguardia, Arte Povera, Gruppo di San Lorenzo); works by artists from most recent generations who are active on both the national and international art scene, and whose works appear in private collections and museums, as well as unique samples created between the 18th and 19th centuries.

Based on the peculiarities of the space and starting from the analysis of the mood-board developed by the interior designers, the Art Consulting team undertakes a research aimed at selecting, or commissioning, works of art that are capable of emphasizing the creative concept, thereby creating the basis for an art collection, by constantly combining artistic sensibility and investment strategy.

Modinobili offers after-sale services which gives the customer the peace of mind in knowing that he/she can be assisted, even after the warranty period of the purchased product has lapsed.

Modinobili.art advisory

ModiNobili provides an exclusive Art advisory service to clients who own budget (small, medium or big) to invest in art whose purpose is to increase their value over time, increasing the assets and personal collection of the client.
The art advisor is an independent professional (not to be confused with the art dealer), which mainly has the task of guiding its customers in the purchase and / or investment in pieces of art, indicating when and what to sell and buy, according to market proposals, through research and analysis of the art market. It interfaces with art dealers who are less independent, often linked to galleries and national and international auction houses. The art advisor is therefore an independent analyst whose target is to maximize the “art” ROI (return of investments), independently and creating advantage for clients interacting with the art dealers, houses and auctions, galleries and private collectors.


Based on the characteristics of the space, our Art Consulting team carries out research aimed at selecting, or commissioning, pieces of art capable of emphasizing the decorative project, creating the basis for an art collection constantly combining artistic sensitivity and investment strategy.

"Art is still the largest unregulated market in the world, but this does not exclude that professionals have less responsibility." Our artistic consultants have three relevant skills: art critic, art historian and financial analyst. The art advisor allows the collector to approach the art market with a better knowledge and a greater awareness. An emotional purchase can also become a real investment.

This art advisor professional exists since the art market exists; his ability is to value a piece of art not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from a revaluation of value over time. The artistic consultant (art advisor) updates the client on investments by evaluating the most interesting works based on the available databases, assists him in the sale and represents him in auctions and in negotiations with the various art dealers.

The fiscal element should not be underestimated: Art investments must be considered as an alternative asset class, evaluating the risk diversification and tax advantage. In most of the countries and in Italy there is no tax on capital gains deriving from the piece of art sales and must not be reported in the tax return. The sale of pieces of art by private individuals is not subject to VAT and does not generate taxes on capital gains.

If you want to start investing in this rich market, full of opportunities but incredibly multifaceted and complex, contact us without obligation for personalized advice.


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Modinobili’s showroom features in exclusivity prestigious furniture brands such as:

  • Giorgetti

  • Carl Hansen & Son

  • Moroso

  • Ritzwell

  • De Padova

  • Thonet

  • Gubi

  • Classicon

  • Former

  • Driade

  • Roda

  • Tribu'

  • Marac

  • Notorious

  • Shake

  • Rubelli Casa

  • Donghia

  • Devon & Devon

  • Flaminia

  • OLuce

  • Luceplan

  • Flos

  • Artemide

  • Contardi

  • La Cornue

  • Fabrika

  • L'Ottocento Cucine

  • Pierre Frey Paris

  • Holland & Sherry

  • Christopher Farr Cloth

  • Iosselliani Design

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